1970 Pontiac GTO


I remember back to the hot Saturday morning of August 19th of 2000. I was riding shotgun with my friend Mike in his DeLorean. We’re cruising down Chatham Street in Cary on our way to the Gun Show at the NC State Fairgrounds when Mike and I spot a big bright yellow flash to the left. Mike gives me this look like, “Did you see that?!?” I look back at him like “Could you miss it?!?” Still, not a word has been spoken. Mike looks at me now with the look of a question. Before he even has a chance to ask it, my head shakes uncontrollably up and down and I manage to get out just one word…”YEAH!” Mike torques the wheel hard left and hits the breaks. We took a quick U-turn into the lot to see what I new was destiny.

 In the lot sat what looked like a sleeping dragon. What I saw was bright, bold and obviously powerful. The three little letters in black told me that this was nothing less than a G T O.

 It’s a 1970 Pontiac GTO w/400ci 4 barrel, TH400 tranny, hood tach, and spoiler. I now spend my weekends at car shows and my weekdays surfing every item on eBay that matches a search for GTO. I love this car and the hobby I now have. I’ve also met lots of great people like, Ed, Gary, Will and John. Please stop by and say hey at the car shows. You can’t miss me, it’s the big YELLOW one!

Original TV Commercial: The Humbler

Video 1: Pulling out and punching it

Video 2: Coming and going

Video 3: 0 to 70mph in ???

Video 4: Late for work!!!

Video 5: Pure Pleasure!


Pre-restoration Pictures

Here is my car (yes, the beige one) with the vinyl top off and the hood up.
This is it parked next to John Tracy's Orbit Orange '70 GTO Judge.
What my car looks like without its "yellow," its wing, the hood tachometer, plus a vinyl top.
The vinyl top just had to go!
Lookin' like a "granny" mobile.