May 2000

     London, England was the first stop on my and Katie's graduation trip to the UK ( and Ireland).  We stayed there for about a week, and it was wonderful.  We felt like real Londoners by the time we left.  We stayed south of the Thames in a hostel in which I was afraid to take a bath and in which a group of French 7 year olds ran wild every morning at an ungodly hour!  I wish that we had gotten to see more of England's countryside, and I suggest to anyone going to England to have a strong stomach because everyone drives crazily, and Katie and I thought we were near death many times!

     Liverpool was the last stop on our trip.  We spent only one day there, and we came to see the Beatles' stomping grounds.  Quite interesting.  I also brought back a poster of the Millennium Pub Crawl that was planned for Dec. 31, 1999.  Lot of pubs!



Big Ben


The British Museum...aka How England Raped the Rest of the World for its Treasures.  It kind of bothered me in a way I didn't expect to see all these treasures from other countries in the British Museum.  Hey--but we did get to see the Rosetta Stone without going to Egypt!


Buckingham Palace.  Quite large.  Unfortunately we didn't get to see the Queen.  Oh well.


The Tower of London.  The Tower was very impressive, especially when you consider how old it is.  And I finally got to see the damn Crown Jewels!  I went back two or three times to see them, and I know I bored Katie with the details of what jewels were in each piece!


This is a freaky baby we saw in Regents Park.  The poor child had an unattractive and unruly head of curls.  Well, it was funny at the time!


The closest I'll ever get to her...sigh.  Madam Tussaud's was overpriced and crowded, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world!  It is amazing how life-like everything is!


Henry VIII and his six wives.  Unfortunately Madam Tussaud's was so crowded that I was unable to get a really good picture.


Me with my favorite queen and favorite historical figure in the whole world:  Queen Elizabeth I.


These wax figures were as close as I got to the royal family during the trip! 


Katie and I feeling ridiculously amused at having high tea at Harrods.  I think we ate our weight in tea sandwiches that day...and drank our fill of "Creature" (you'll have to ask Katie).


Westminster Abbey.  Unfortunately, no pictures of the great things on the inside.  But I did get to see the tombs of several of my favorite royal and literary people!  Now that was thrilling!


Shakespeare's house.  Funny, I always thought that when they said Shakespeare lived in a cottage, they meant something much smaller! 



We went on a Magical Mystery Tour while in Liverpool. I hate to admit it, but I was so tired I slept through most of the tour.


Yes, Virginia, there is a Strawberry Field.


The Cavern Club, where it all began (and the sign even says so!).


This stage is where the Beatles played.  I can't believe how tiny it is!  The club has excellent atmosphere!