May 1999

      Katie and I visited Ireland after England but before Scotland.  We spend about 2 full days there.  We spent most of our time in Dublin (which is full of pubs and not much else of interest if you don't like James Joyce which I don't), but we did take a day trip outside of Dublin.  Next time I go to Ireland, I want to visit some of the other, greener areas.  Oh, and I have a bed and breakfast that I would discourage anyone from staying at if you would like to take a tub bath!


This picture comes from our day trip.  This is Ireland's coast.  I don't remember where it was.


One of the most fun things we did in Ireland was to go on a Ghost Bus tour.  We learned about "Haunted Dublin" and the grisly things that had happened there.  We also went on a literary pub crawl which was highly enjoyable!


This picture is of me and Katie in the Guinness museum.  In addition to learning how Guinness was made, we got to see all of Guinness' ads over the years. Admission also included a pint of Guinness (it does get better the close you get to Ireland).  Not a bad deal!