July 1995

My trip to France and Spain began in Spain.  We were there for about 3 days.  I remember Spain as very tan colored--even the sky seemed sort of washed out.  I don't think I ever got a real Spanish meal, so I have no memory of the native cuisine.  I must admit that I wasn't as excited about the Spain part of the trip because I really wanted to get to France and I didn't know Spanish.   The highlights of my visit to Spain were visiting the Prado and seeing Goya's dark work (and liking it), visiting Toledo, and seeing El Greco's most famous painting. 


Funny, I didn't see a bedet in France, but we had one in our hotel room in Spain!


The picture above and below are both of El Escorial; the cross is so high that I had to use two pictures to get in both the structure and the cross.



Ah, the ubiquitous Hard Rock Cafe! We visited stopped by one in Spain and one in France.  Oddly enough, I had never been in one until I went to Europe!


Umm, I think this is a palace.  I remember being quite disappointed that Spain didn't have any crown jewels, so I may not have paid as much attention as I should have!


The pictures above and below are of another castle near El Escorial.  Once again ashamed at my lack of memory for my trip to Spain, I don't remember much about this castle, but I think that many members of the Spanish royal family are buried there, including Philip II, Mary Tudor's husband. 



This is Toledo.  Toledo was a neat place.  I can't remember what the name is for what the artisans create there, but it's quite ornate and lovely.  I bought my mother a lighter from Toledo.