July 1995

     I was so excited to visit France!!  I had taken French for two years before I went and considered myself quite to French speaker.  I received a rude awakening when I got there and tried to speak French:  no one understood me!!  Oh well.  My time in France was too short, and I can't wait to go back when I have tons of time and no tour group so that I can see what I want to see at my own pace!  What I remember most about France is the heat (France in July is not fun!), the gorgeous chateaus (I immediately decided I must have one), and the atmosphere of being in France!  I didn't see any crown jewels there, and I felt gipped when I later found out that they do exist!


This is one of the many gorgeous chateaus in the Loire Valley region.  This chateau may be the one in which Francis II built his double helix staircase.  The staircase, often used so he could sneak his mistresses up, was unique for its design, a design that allowed two people--one coming up and one coming down--to never see each other.


I think this picture needs no explanation of what it is!


This picture is of the outside of the Louvre.  I loved the Louvre and can't wait to go back and get lost in there!  The Mona Lisa is there, and I remember being surprised at how small it is.  The painting's legend is so large that I guess I expected the painting to be huge!


Notre Dame.  It was being repaired and restored while we there, but it was still incredibly beautiful and impressive.


If you look really hard in the background, you can see a faint image of a building.  That's no ordinary building--that's Versailles!  It's gorgeous--I just wish that I had had a better camera when I went!


A picture of Versaille's gardens from a balcony.  I was surprised at how tropical it looked.


The famous Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.  Everything in Versailles is incredibly opulent.