I have been to 5 countries in Europe so far:  England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Spain.  I went to France and Spain on a high school trip the summer after I graduated in 1995.  We were there for about 9 days.  I went to England, Ireland, and Scotland with my friend Katie literally right after we graduated from college in 1999.  We were gone for two weeks and had a wonderful time!

I definitely want to go to more!  As a matter of fact, Jimmy and I plan to go to France for our honeymoon, and since he has family in the UK and because I am such an anglophile, I am sure we will go to the UK again!  There are still so many European countries left to see--I hope to one day be able to add pictures from my trips to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Russia....the list goes on and on!

     Of course, there are still so many places I need to visit in the USA too!  Suffice it to say, I want to be a well-traveled person!  Check out the pictures from the places I have been so far:


England France Ireland Scotland Spain