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Welcome to the first edition of Reincarnate, a literary magazine that examines the influence of the tumultuous and ever-changing 20th century on literature. Reincarnate is interested in looking at how the stories being told have remained the same while the manner in which they are told has changed and broadened. Whether with pen, with song, or with film, storytelling has changed forever in the 20th century.

Despite the rapid changes literature has gone through in the 20th century, the stories being told still resonate with meaning for any audience. Mass media and pop culture may have changed how literature is told, but the stories are not new; they are Reinvented...Recycled...Reincarnated...with new faces, new points of vies, and new twists of interpretation.

If you are interested in what happens when the technological advances of the 20th century collide with literature, read on. If you are interested in pop culture, read on. Each month Reincarnate will explore unique connections between literature, technology, and pop culture. If any of the following ideas appeal to you, Reincarnate is the magazine for you:
  • The connections between hip-hop artists and John Milton
  • The real irony about Alanis Morissette's "Ironic"
  • How film contributes to Shakespeare's plays

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