Having been out of college for not quite two years, I don't have much "professional" experience to speak of, but I think I may have discovered what I want to do--at least this year!  In college, I majored in English and while I graduated with no minors, I had almost enough credits for minors in three subjects:  French, History, and Psychology.  I also graduated with a licensure to teach high school English. 

   I have not been teaching, however.  I have been working with web sites.  Thanks to changing my career plans, I found something I love to do.  I currently work on web sites that use Cold Fusion and are database-generated.  I like it because it integrates web design and databases, and I think this is the area in which I want to focus.  My background in English does come in handy as I am the final editor of the content I place on the web, and my language ability helps me to learn the language of the web. 

    It is said that writers, good writers, paint pictures with words.  I have never considered myself a writer, but what I like most about web design is that it literally allows you to create pictures with your words.