House Saga and Pics

October 5, 2003

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Jimmy and I took a week off from work at the end of September and instead of going somewhere, we decided to relax at home. We had a great week and got quite a bit done to the house and yard--it's almost ready for fall! We ripped out all of our bushes and planted some gorgeous mums and pansies, and Jimmy continued his organization of the garage.

I have never considered myself any type of a gardener, but our yard is easily the best-looking one on our street, if not the neighborhood (if I do say so myself!). A few weekends ago we spent an entire weekend sowing grass, and the grass is coming in impressively. It looks so good that several of our neighbors are now sowing grass in their yards, and Jimmy has become the local yard expert.

Fall is our favorite season, and we are so thrilled that our house and yard reflect that! Next on our agenda will be getting ready for the holidays, and oh do I have plans for our house!

Jimmy and I closed on our new house on June 25, 2003. It's hard to believe that after almost a year of planning, preparing, hoping, and dreaming, the house is finally ours!

After living with off-white walls for years, our first order of business was to paint. Five days later we swore we'd never paint another wall (and don't even get us started on faux finishing!).

But the excitement doesn't stop there! We spent our first night in the house on Thursday, July 3, and I had a very nerve-wracking drive from Cary to Poole Road with three anxious cats in the backseat of my car. SW was so terrified that he crawled under the passenger seat of my car, and we couldn't get him out. He was too fat to get out the way he came in, and cables were blocking the other way out. Convinced the cat was about to die of heat stroke, Jimmy got wire cutters and cut the cables. Thankfully Mazda didn't ask too many questions when we took my car in for repairs.

We moved our stuff from the apartment and the storage unit on July 4 and 5, two of the hottest days of the summer--or at least it surely felt that way!

We've unpacked enough to make the house livable, and I have hopes that we'll soon be unpacked enough to be able to park in the garage. I did go through my 9 boxes of books (can we say pack rat?) and find 3 boxes worth of books to get rid of which was almost like cutting an arm off. Our window shades arrived on Friday, July 18 and Jimmy installed them last night, so no more getting dressed in the closet so I won't flash the neighbors!

So after a year, it looks as if our house saga is coming to a close. But I'm sure many new house adventures await us. After all, we consider the house to be a work in progress.

Enjoy the pictures! We hope to be able to show you all the house in person soon!

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